What Was I Thinking?

Obviously by now you have realized I am a sucker for medals and t-shirts.

The Disney Princess half marathon is 34 days away.. Eeeek

Let me just be 100% honest. I have not ran since Dec. 4 outside of soccer.

I know, I know… I was going to train but it was cold and I HATE the treadmill. 

While Erica and I have been reading about Run Disney and what to expect  we came across an article talking about don’t plan to PR and enjoy the experience.

I think that was all we needed seeing as training has been little to none. 

I also realized following the Dallas Rock and Roll last year I signed up for it again.

How cool is this medal? Guess I need to start running.

This is sad. But hey, I will cross these finish lines. Run, walk, crawl I will get my medal!

~ R

New Shoes

I love coming home to packages on the porch! 

I love coming home more to packages with new running shoes!!!

I went on a hunt looking for new shoes for the 1/2 marathon. I’ve ran in Nike Pegasus since college so those are my usual go to.

Our plan for the Princess Half Marathon is a Princess Tiana costume. That being said I was looking for green shoes also!!

Best Day ever..

It is 39 degrees outside in Texas but I want to go outside and run! (I struggle on the treadmill).

~ R


We have officially made it through Christmas!!

One of ny favorite  gifts I recieved was from my brother and is an addition to my home gym.

My brother got me a TRX suspension trainer!

I had given my brother one about 3 years ago and it has always peeked my interest since then.

So grateful to have a brother that encourages me on my fitness journey.

I’m  so excited for the versatility of the TRX and all my workouts to come!

Stay tuned for workout post!