Early Morning Runs

5:00 AM

I’m going to be honest I dread my alarm going off. I dread the alarm going off again at 5:15 AM I also dread the days it goes off again at 5:30AM. Yes I am one of those people that need several alarms. I set it for 5:00 AM telling myself the previous night that I will get up and go on a run with two of the best running partners I have; my two boxers Cassius and Willow.


The morning run has truly been a struggle for me. I have tried to set just one alarm thinking it would force me out of bed. I have tried to set one at 4:45AM giving myself just a little more time to ready my mind. Why is this so difficult? On the days I make it out the door with the dogs I feel GREAT!   The dogs are always ready to go and jump around like crazy waiting for me to get their harness and leashes on them. Sometimes I feel a bit guilty that I don’t go everyday because it makes them so happy.

When I get out of the house and hit the pavement it’s a totally different day. I am energized and focused at work. I tend to do better with early morning runs because after a day at work I find every excuse when I get home not to workout. But those early morning runs.. They are a special time for me. I usually turn on my Gospel music and hit the pavement running. It is time for me to start my day with some worship and quiet time with God. What a great way to start my day!

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As defined by the Merriam Webster Dictionary, balance is, “a state in which different things occurring equal or proper amounts or have an equal or proper amount of importance.” Obtaining balance in our lives is a constant thing we as women work on. As individuals we wear so many “hats.” Myself I struggle with balancing my roles as a wife, mother, teacher, sister, daughter, friend and aspiring entrepreneur. All while keeping my mind, body and spirituality balanced. At times it seems like a circus with so much ciaos. It is important not to become overwhelmed in any aspect of your life. I know that is not easy, but for me it means taking a second to stop, breathe, and appreciate the moment instead of dreading it.

My best example is rushing to work trying to make it on time, or hopefully a tad bit early! I have 18 middle school children waiting on me, 2 year old twins screaming in the background and my oldest telling me she has a project due that she forgotten about! In my mind I think “this day is doomed to be bad…where is my coffee…oh that’s right I left it on the kitchen counter”.

This is where I take a moment, stop, breathe and appreciate the fact that I have a job to go to, three wonderful children and many more that I teach! I make sure on those stressful days that I feel rushed that I take care of me and make sure I spend some time that day doing something for myself be it a short walk/run, read a book, journal, a trip to Starbucks, or sit in the car in the driveway with the radio off (you know we have all been there), but in that moment I find my balance in being thankful and appreciative of each and every moment, the good, the bad and the in-between.-E

A little Deeper into the RE-

Hello World!


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Well, you know our  back story about running track together but let’s get a little more personal.

I’m Rachelle and I’m 31.  I’m a Fur Mamma to two crazy Boxer’s Cassius and Willow. I have always lived an active/ sporty lifestyle. I was the “TOM BOY” growing up. Either playing with my brother and his friends or challenging the guys at school to 1- on -1 basketball games.

Growing up I played soccer, basketball and ran track in high school. I continue to play soccer in several adult leagues here in Texas both indoor and outdoor. I’m a former high school track coach and currently coach a U8 girls soccer team.

I have more of an athletic body type with some curves but I have always struggled with wanting to be the super thin girl (just being honest).  It has been a challenge to go from not caring about what I ate, to now realizing I’m not working out like a job and I can’t just eat anything.

Being single I feel like I should have all the time in the world to workout and achieve my “dream body.”  However, I truly struggle with getting workouts in and not being lazy.

As a female I get so frustrated when I step on the scale (I don’t do it often). Over the past several years I have watched the number go up and down. I know, I know it’s not about the number. At the same time I’ve bought many new outfits some bigger some smaller. A major wake up call for me comes when my scrubs no longer fit. Come on now folks they are like sweats and PJ’s.. If those bad boys don’t fit anymore that means I’ve let things get out of hand. So as I have recently finished my trip to the scrub store to get a bigger size I’ve got to get this under control.

I need a plan. A plan I can stick with a plan I can commit to; nothing crazy and nothing overwhelming. Please journey with me as I RE-ignite my fit life.   ~R


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Hello! My name is Erica I am a 35 year old wife, mother of 3 (11yrs old and 2yr old twins), educator, former colligate athlete, fitness enthusiast and cookie monster (as my husband calls me when the Oreos disappear). I am the girl who loves to be in a fitness studio doing yoga/pilates or trying out the latest craze! Before the twins I was very active, taking and teaching fitness classes and running.

I will be honest when it comes to my diet I pretty much ate/eat whatever I crave (bad…bad…I know). When pregnant I was put on bed rest pretty early at 19 weeks until my delivery at 34 weeks. Diagnosed with gestational diabetes it forced me to look at healthier food options, which I still incorporate into my diet. I will be the first to admit the cooking gene missed me, but thank goodness for Pinterest, I can still make some meals that my family enjoys.

With the busy schedule of balancing home, work and my children’s various activities any time for my workouts is scarce! I try to workout at home and to squeeze in a yoga or low impact fitness class to unwind.

I put so much into my family I need to make sure I do the same for myself. RE-ignite is way to make sure I am staying on track and living the life style I have always strived for! Join us on our quest and hopefully we can inspire you to live your fit life! -E


We Run Dallas

E: Did you get the e-mail?

R: What e-mail?

E: We could get three medals if we run Rock ‘n’ Roll Dallas!

R: Ok let’s do it!  Two medals for one race is awesome!

I’m not sure what gets into us?  But it happened again.   You would think that we would know better by now.  We just completed half marathon number 3!  I guess we do it for the medals and t-shirts.

After we finish the race one of us finds another race a few months later and we vow that we will train and all the jazz to get our PR.  Well, I hate to say it but that doesn’t happen.  I don’t know why we seem to think we are coming back from summer break trying to run a timed mile or 40, 40s.

This was the last straw though.  We finished.. It was NOT pretty it was bad really bad.  We completed it, in our worst time but we did finish.  We got our medals!

But what we really need to do is GET IN SHAPE.

So we decided to start this blog  as a way to encourage others to reach their fitness goals and follow us as we run ours down.