We Run Dallas

E: Did you get the e-mail?

R: What e-mail?

E: We could get three medals if we run Rock ‘n’ Roll Dallas!

R: Ok let’s do it!  Two medals for one race is awesome!

I’m not sure what gets into us?  But it happened again.   You would think that we would know better by now.  We just completed half marathon number 3!  I guess we do it for the medals and t-shirts.

After we finish the race one of us finds another race a few months later and we vow that we will train and all the jazz to get our PR.  Well, I hate to say it but that doesn’t happen.  I don’t know why we seem to think we are coming back from summer break trying to run a timed mile or 40, 40s.

This was the last straw though.  We finished.. It was NOT pretty it was bad really bad.  We completed it, in our worst time but we did finish.  We got our medals!

But what we really need to do is GET IN SHAPE.

So we decided to start this blog  as a way to encourage others to reach their fitness goals and follow us as we run ours down.





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