Early Morning Runs

5:00 AM

I’m going to be honest I dread my alarm going off. I dread the alarm going off again at 5:15 AM I also dread the days it goes off again at 5:30AM. Yes I am one of those people that need several alarms. I set it for 5:00 AM telling myself the previous night that I will get up and go on a run with two of the best running partners I have; my two boxers Cassius and Willow.


The morning run has truly been a struggle for me. I have tried to set just one alarm thinking it would force me out of bed. I have tried to set one at 4:45AM giving myself just a little more time to ready my mind. Why is this so difficult? On the days I make it out the door with the dogs I feel GREAT!   The dogs are always ready to go and jump around like crazy waiting for me to get their harness and leashes on them. Sometimes I feel a bit guilty that I don’t go everyday because it makes them so happy.

When I get out of the house and hit the pavement it’s a totally different day. I am energized and focused at work. I tend to do better with early morning runs because after a day at work I find every excuse when I get home not to workout. But those early morning runs.. They are a special time for me. I usually turn on my Gospel music and hit the pavement running. It is time for me to start my day with some worship and quiet time with God. What a great way to start my day!

VP07b-Faith_sm web~R



4 thoughts on “Early Morning Runs

  1. TET

    I’ve lost my motivation to workout in the mornings. I had a steady routine before the holidays and I’ve yet to return to my workouts in the morning. I do know that I felt great after my workout and so I had so much energy throughout the day. Suggestions?


    1. It is tough we understand!
      What had worked for me in the past is
      1) Setting my alarm (multiple) to give me time to get my workout in before my normal routine.
      2) Set workout clothes close to bed (or sleep in them)
      3) Try to never miss a Monday workout. Get your week started right
      Good luck! You got this!!


    1. Competition is great way to stay active. Adult leagues ate a great way to be social. Also Nike apps and fitbit challenges help you stay inspired and motivated with the competitive nature


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