May Lifestyle Challenge

For the month of May we are trying something new, a lifestyle challenge! We have seen these all the time and wanted to make something that fit us, something we knew we would/could do and not quit day 2! Below is day one of our challenge Goal Day! Check out our social media each day for the challenge of the day!

Day #1

On Your Mark…Set…Goal Day! Of course the track girls in us had to get into the blocks before we set off this challenge (that means we are serious)! Today is Goal Day. What are your goals for your mental, physical, spiritual, or intellectual health? Write them down and reflect on what you can do to meet those goals!

One of my goals is to read more. I love to read, I just never seem to have time, that is until I looked into how I was spending my time. Cutting out some of the shows I just “have to watch” gives me more than enough time to curl up with a good book! My current read is The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins. In fact I miss my friends and our ladies book club (That’s a hint, hint, wink, wink ladies let’s get that started again, I know you all saw my text about that!) Sorry had to call out my friends!

Leave a comment or talk to at least one person about your goal(s)!


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