Fit Littles

A fit lifestyle is not just something I desire for myself, but for my children too! My husband and I were both collegiate athletes so we have been active our entire lives and expect our children to be just as active. In today’s society and the ever-growing technology craze it’s so easy for our children to be consumed with T.V., tablets, video games and all the other technology they can get their little hands on!

As a mother you want the best for your children in every aspect and a fit life should be one to! My children LOVE to be outside, they will stay outside ALL day if I let them. Now don’t get me wrong they love a good episode of Mickey Mouse Club House, The Lion Guard or their favorite movie The Good Dinosaur (which is on repeat in our Blu-ray).

My oldest has always been involved in sports, basketball and soccer are her favorite! Sleeping in on Saturday mornings is not an option in our house, but it is worth it to hear my 2 year old twins cheer their sister on! Now that the twins are old enough I now am signing them up for activities. Having boy-girl twins poses a small challenge, my daughter loves to dance and my son is much more physical. I cant’ wait to see them on the field, court or stage. I love being the team mom and yes I am the woman with my child’s name on my shirt screaming the loudest!!!!!! GO TEAM!


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