Straight Outta Shape

Straight Outta Shape is exactly how I feel.

I’m going to be honest I have been struggling to do my  workouts.  My motivation is at 0.  I was going strong for 3 weeks and then fell off the wagon.

I’m  frustrated.  Playing soccer I come home like, “man I need  to add some workouts to make this easier.”  I feel slow and I’m just tired of feeling out of shape. I seriously have to pull my shorts down while running because my thighs are eating them.  (Sorry if that is TMI I’m just being real).   This should be enough motivation but unfortunately it has not been.  GRRRRRR

One of my favorite things about playing in adult leagues is I’m able to be on a team again, socialize while getting in a good workout!  Lately my teams have not been doing so hot but it still has been fun.

My teams have gotten older and the other teams are recruiting young girls so this does not help.  I’m struggling to keep up with 18 year olds.  One of my teams decided to have fun with it and named our team Straight Outta Shape!  We even had shirts made!  Almost my whole team is over 30 and we play in the open division.


Hopefully I get my butt in gear and won’t need to wear the t-shirt much longer!

I CAN AND I WILL DO THIS!!!  So can you!

VP07b-Faith_sm web~R

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