What is all this Prep about?

So I see it everywhere Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, magazines..MEAL PREP.

I always thought it took too much time or I just wasn’t organized for it. But, I’ve decided to give it a go. No I am not one of the crazy meal prep gurus (not yet). This isn’t 100% healthy and this isn’t a math problem like 40 -30-30 plan or anything like that.

This is more let me prepare a few meals/ entrées ahead of time .

Since we’ve started the blog I decided I needed to do something instead of just complain about how I want to be in better shape or eat better.

So I went simple… I went to the grocery store (I HATE grocery shopping) for some veggies and fruits along with some chicken and small steaks. It’s tough to cook for one and not have a ton of leftovers that I’m stuck eating for the next 3-4 meals.   I’ve found ways to talk myself into eating out because it’s quicker and I’m not eating the same meal for two days.

Well, I took to Pinterest to find some recipes that I thought I would like for the week and got started.   I went with Baked Chicken Fajita’s, Hawaiian BBQ Chicken wrap, Wingers Sticky Fingers. I figured it was best to start small so I didn’t get overwhelmed!

On the bright side I now have 5 meals done for the week for either lunch or dinner! Surprisingly it didn’t take too much time. Maybe I could get use to this! No longer coming home wondering what I’m going to fix and what not.

VP07b-Faith_sm web

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