The Rock Clock

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about early morning runs and the multiple alarms I would set in order to wake up.

Times have changed my friends!

Last week I found the BEST alarm clock for me.  THE ROCK CLOCK!


So I  have always been a fan of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and he is big into fitness.  He made this app and it’s awesome.  He actually has a whole project that The Rock Clock is a part of.  Check it out here

I wake up to him singing to me!  “Good morning sunshine, Yeah that’s what The Rock just said..”

There are several different alarms to pick from but him singing is my favorite.

Anyway… You pick a preset goal or make your own.  You set your time to wake up or  can wake up on “Rock Time”.

Once this is set you sleep and wait for the alarm to wake you up.  Here is the kicker…There is no snooze button. This is great for me.  No excuses..

Once you turn off the alarm he has either a motivational video he has recorded or a motivational quote to start your day.  I have truly enjoyed these and they have me looking forward to waking up to see what he has for me that day.  It is great motivation for me!

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