Playground Workouts

“Can we go to the park”, as a mom this is probably something you hear a lot now that the weather is nicer and if you have kids like mine that LOVE to be outside! I used grab a book and say ok, but now I throw on some workout clothes and say “Let’s go!”

Taking the littles to a park provides a great opportunity to get in a good workout! All of the equipment can totally be used for you to get a full body workout. You definitely can get the littles involved in your workout; a nice run around the playground could be your warm up. Ways to utilize the playground equipment include…

Park Bench: Step-ups, Dips, Single Leg Lunge, Incline Push-ups,

Slide: Jump Squats, Decline Sit-ups

Monkey Bars: Chin-ups,

Swing: Pikes, Knee tucks, Tricep press

And many more!

The workout can be fun and you are able to engage with your littles at the same time. Praying for nice weather so I can get out with my trio and do this soon! Head over to our Pinterest page for more playground workouts

Love this pic of the twins enjoy each other on the playground.


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