Recovery Essentials

“I need help” yep I said this out loud with both dogs looking at me like I was crazy.  I had just returned home from the gym and was getting ready for my shower.  I  had a problem,   I was so sore I was struggling to lift my arms above my head.

I’m a fan of the “feel good hurt” following a good workout.  You know  the feeling you get the next day to two days after a solid workout, when your muscles say, “HaHA you haven’t done that lately and I’m going to make you pay!”  Okay maybe not quite that but the soreness after a workout.   This is also know as DOMS (Delayed  Onset Muscle Soreness).   It reminds me that 1) I’m way out of shape or  2) That was a solid workout.

Well, it has been BAD like really BAD. I know I over did it.  It was past the point of soreness to just plain old hurt.

As you know I’ve  been trying to get back into this fit lifestyle.  I started with spin class 2x/ week 2 weeks ago and this past weekend decided to weight lift again.  Yes, I’ve done some body weight workouts here and there and maybe some bicep curls, shoulder press and tricep extensions as I passed dumbbells in my bedroom but nothing too crazy.

After leaving the gym this weekend I knew I was in trouble when my arms felt fatigued while driving home.  I knew I was in BIG trouble when I struggled to get undressed.  The next two days I struggled to wash my hair, put on a seat belt, lift a cup to get a drink of water and continued to struggle getting dressed.   I really wanted to cry at one point when i felt  trapped in my sports bra (This is the worst).

I began to think to myself this is ridiculous I need to do something.  This has lead to my post about my three must haves for recovery.


  1. Epsom Salt- A nice long soak in a warm bath with Epsom salt
  2. TheraCane – A deep pressure self massager that reaches the hard to reach spots.  I’m able to pinpoint a spacific area of soreness.
  3. Foam Roller – A self massager for my bigger muscle groups

I put these tools to work and good news, I’m feeling 100% better!  I’m able to get my seat belt on like normal and  push up my glasses when they slide down my nose.  It’s the small things in life!

Just remember muscle recovery is just as important as your workouts.  Take care of those muscles so you can keep chasing your goals!

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