Weekend Hustle

For the past two weekends I have taken “quick trips”. Those are, fly in early Saturday morning and fly back home Sunday night! Last weekend, to Indiana, to help my beautiful cousin celebrate her baby shower for her little girl due in June! This weekend, to Chicago, with my cousins to see Beyoncé! 

Traveling can be hard on your body and it’s not always easy to find those healthy food items or even time to get in a quick workout. 

Here are some tips on staying fit while you travel… 

1. Get your steps in! Trying little things like taking the stairs instead of the elevator to your room. Walk to your destination and ditch the uber! Take a run (if possible). Don’t just sit at you gate your gate waiting for the flight, take a walk around the airport. 

2. Fitness Room: Most hotels have a fitness room you as a guest can utilize! The hotel in Chicago had a yoga mat in the room which was awesome for a morning yoga stretch sequence! 

3. DRINK PLENTY OF WATER! Enough said!

4. Check out local activities and see if they offer any classes or have a park/playground where you can get in some type of workout! Definitely got a workout in at the Beyoncé concert, sitting was not an option and she is an amazing performer! 

5. Bring your own snacks, so that you aren’t grabbing candy, chips or whatever while at the airport! I love almonds as a quick snack! 

Sightseeing in Chicago today so I will be sure to get my steps in! Wheels up tonight and back Dallas to the hubby and littles to celebrate Memorial Day! 


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