Barre in the Park

Shake, Shake, Shake….

Yesterday Erica and I went to Barre in the Park with The Barre Code- Design District at Lee Park in Dallas, TX  for a free Memorial Day workout.


Neither one of us have taken a Barre class in 3 years.  Erica was a Barre instructor at a local studio prior to the twins and got me involved in classes when she had to do a testing.  There was no better way to get back into Barre then a early morning class in the park!

The class yesterday reminded me why I liked barre so much.  A great workout that truly challenges my body.  It’s a great workout targeting specific muscles with isometric and small dynamic movements.  The humidity in Dallas was bad so we got a nice sweat in.

My legs were shaking and I loved it! If it doesn’t challenge you it won’t make you better.  I really had to dig deep to make it through the class. I always feel like I accomplished something after a Barre class.


Thanks to The Barre Code- Design District for RE-igniting my love for barre. Erica and I will for sure be heading to the studio for more classes!

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