Favorite Brands

As ladies we always like to look nice! Whether it is going to work, church, date night, happy hour, or even to workout! I’m the girl that will NOT leave the house without mascara so you know I love a nice workout outfit!Shopping for workout clothes can be overwhelming there are sooooo many different brands/options out there! Target is a great place to start to find reasonably priced workout clothes with their C9 Champion brand. Best part is if you have the Cartwheel Target App sometimes they have a deal for 10-25% off!!

Lululemon is my favorite workout clothing brand I am in LOVE with the wunder under tights! Their sports bras have great coverage and support and the workout bags also make great purses and baby bags moms!
Under Armor is a brand that I am starting to enjoy also! Hubby bought me an awesome pullover that will be great for 1/2 marathon training in the fall complete with back and arm pockets 😍.
Last brand I enjoy to shop is Splits FiftyNine, mainly for their tops. The colors and the criss cross back patterns make them comfy and cute!

There are so many brands out there I want to try it’s summer break for me and I’m ready to shop! Happy shopping!

What are your favorite brands of workout gear?


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