Nike Training Club app

We are all busy, and sometimes it is a challenge to get to the gym.  while I have gotten better recently there are still some days that once I get home from work I don’t want to go back out.

One of the best apps I have found to keep me on track when I don’t want to go to the gym is the Nike Training Club app.

The app has varying workout lengths from 12 minutes  to 45 minutes. It also has varying degrees of difficulty  for workouts. This makes it perfect to find a workout to squeeze into my busy days.

I’ve never had a workout that I’ve regretted.   But there have definitely  been days I regretted not doing a workout. NTC makes it easy for me on those days it takes all my strength to get a workout in.  I believe a short workout is better then no workout at all!

Push yourself.. Don’t allow yourself to have excuses for why you can’t  workout.  Don’t feel like getting out in the rain (It has been raining like crazy here in Dallas) then stay home but still get your workout in!

Just do it!


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