What a week…

Whew… This week has been a rough one for me.

I missed my Monday morning spin class and it went downhill from there.  Somehow I overslept ( I woke up at the time I am normally pulling into the gym).   I have been in a funk ever since…
Do you have weeks like that?  Something was just off.  Yes I managed to make it to the gym that evening for lifting and have the rest of this week but I have just been BLAHHHHHH.

I was able to make it to spin yesterday morning though!

Class was tough and I really struggled to push through.  I felt a little better as I was leaving class one of then men in the class said “She killed us today.”  I agreed with him and then thought, “Whew ok good I’m glad it wasn’t just me.”

As the instructor put it yesterday’s class was “Endurance and hills”  What struck me about this besides a tough workout was how it resembles life.  It is not a race and you have your good days and bad days but life goes on!  Keep on keeping on and don’t get down.  Keep pushing your way to the gym and fight through the tough times because better days are coming!!!

Fight for your goals!! You are enough!!


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