Positive Vibes Only

Positive Vibes only please!!!!

“Look at her legs.”

“I want her arms”

“I wish I was that thin”

The list goes on and on.  I have tried to improve on these thoughts and I must say it is a work in progress.  However, I realize this is a real issue.  I compare and compare.

The negative thoughts in my head have to go.  I’ve challenged myself to  speak positive thoughts at myself when I look in the mirror.

We as women tend to have enormous pressure to look a certain way.  Be it society putting pressure on us ( models and celebrities = beauty).  It is a little crazy we believe the women have these amazing bodies but know they have been Photoshoped to look a certain way.  Yet, we try and achieve these unreal results.

This needs to stop.  Love yourself for who you are.  Work hard to be happy with what you see in the mirror.  Be YOU and nobody else.  YOU ARE ENOUGH!!!

Let me be real and say that I have been in the gym with an increase in frequency and dedication and I’m seeing results!  This is a bonus and I’m beginning to love what I see in the mirror again.

Congrats to the women in the gym that I see who have the arms and legs and stomachs  etc. that I “want”.  I’m putting in the hard work and will see results soon!  Stay positive and stick to the process and you will be able to achieve whatever you put your mind to.




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