Foodie Friday: Lettuce Wraps

Summers get hot here in Texas so I like to keep my meals light. This has become one of my favorite summer meals.  A friend fixed them for me and her family and I have loved them ever since!


1lb ground turkey or chicken
1 package Lee Kum Kee Lettuce  wrap sauce
4 oz diced carrots
8 oz Water chestnuts drained and chopped
Peanuts finely chopped
1 head Iceberg lettuce, separated into rounds



1) brown the ground turkey
2) chop carrots and water chestnuts
3) finely chop peanut  ( I tend to take out the stress from the work day here)
4) stir 3/4 lettuce wrap sauce into meat
5) add carrots, water  chestnuts and peanuts to meat mixture simmer
6) scoop meat mixture into lettuce
7) Drizzle remaining sauce on top


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