Daddy’s Girl


Erica and myself are both Daddy’s Girls…  They have been a big part of pushing us in our athletic careers.  Our father’s were active throughout our childhood’s and continue to be active to date.

I remember back in high school spending Friday and Saturday nights in the gym practicing shooting and dribbling drills.  Sometimes I hated it but most of the time I loved it.  One on one time with my Dad while he helped push me to achieve what was once my dream of being in the WNBA.  HAHA  Basketball in Indiana is HUGE!!!

My Dad coached me in  basketball from 7th grade  throughout high school.  This pic is circa 1998


Thanks Dad for always pushing me to be the best be.  For making sure I worked hard and letting me be so involved in sports!  While I’m not playing in the WNBA, nor did I decide to play college basketball I truly appreciate the support growing up.  Thanks for the life lessons only a father could teach his daughter!


P.S.  On Monday we start an 8 week training program for a 10K.. Yep Erica got me again… Another race another t-shirt, and another medal!

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