10k Fun

Soooooo we signed up for another race! This is what we do, for the medals, t-shirts and after race snacks! I am have run several 5k races and half marathons, but never a 10k so why not! Yesterday we started our training program an 8 week plan by SELF magazine (click link for the full training schedule)

The workouts themselves vary and incorporate different types of training so you don’t feel like you are constantly just running! An example of yesterday and today’s workout are…
Monday Day #1— Speed Jog for 5 minutes to warm up. Run at goal race pace for 1 minute; jog for 1 minute. Sprint for 30 seconds; jog for 1 minute X6.

Tuesday Day #2 — Strength Do a 60-minute high-intensity strength and conditioning workout, like a boot camp–style class.

As a former collegiate athlete I’m not going to lie I love have a training program so I have the workouts already planned for me and I don’t have to decide “what am I going to do today?” 
We will be running the Hottest Half 10k in Texas on August 14th. We have a goal time for this 10k is under and hour, may seem slow for some people, may seem fast for some, we are just trying to cross the finish line (LOL). It’s amazing how your body changes as you age and after having kids, but how you can push it to do awesome things! This next 8 weeks is NO excuses! 
We will continue to update you on our journey or join us! Let’s lace up those shoes and hit the road! 


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