Week One Down! 

So we are a week into our 10k training and I must say its been tough, but fun! I have enjoyed the mixed workouts and the different levels of intensity keep it interesting ! Today’s workout is a rest day or 40 min walk, I’m definitely going to do the 40 min walk keep my body busy!

While doing this program my goal is to eat better too! Im honestly not someone who can cut all the “bad” stuff out of my diet. I know that sounds bad, but I have to be real. There are a few things that are a must in the “bad” department for me. Now let’s be clear I don’t eat them all the time, but I do eat them, one of those is lemon Oreos! Thanks goodness they made the Thin Oreos, it honestly makes me feel better about my “bad” decision. My goal for healthy eating is looking on for health alternates to some recipes I enjoy, and definitely portion control. Not eating until I’m full, but eating to get the right nutrients I need to sustain a health weight and to give me energy I need through my workouts! 

I’m am so proud of myself for sticking to a running schedule. Running to some can be seen as torture, but it is definitely a stress relief and something to I for me! Rachelle and I consider each race mini girl trip getaways, that we are slowly convincing our other friends to join! 

Next week workouts turn up the intensity just a bit! I need to get my 20 min ab routine ready, that was one workout Rachelle and I both said OMG to last week, but we are ready now! 

Well time to put the littles in their wagon and get my 40 min walk on! 


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