Serious Changes

First we hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July and didn’t eat too much (if so its ok I did!!)

I was blessed to attend my cousin’s wedding in Wisconsin and then come back and spend the 4th with my family in Indiana. Being around my family truly makes me happy since I live all the way in Texas. We are heading back home soon and this mama is sad, back to reality and work starting in less than a month. The joys of teaching mean summers off!!

The weather has been so nice in Indy and I know getting back to the weather in Texas my workouts will HAVE to be in the early AM! Preparing for our 10k in August and getting ready for school to begin is on my “To Do List”.

With that being said we all see those silly challenges that say “NO” to about 5 or 10 things we think cannot do with out…for some crazy reason we decided to do it!!! Starting today these items are on our “NO List” for he next seven days! Are you with us?! (If not we totally understand…this is going to be crazy!!!)

Send us positive vibes to make it through the next 7 days! 

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