Workout Chaos

So my little ones are on summer break (which is coming to an end in 6 days), and they are no where near on a schedule! Everyone that knows me knows I like to keep the twins on a strict schedule. Sounds crazy, but when you have twins a schedule is what keeps you sane and allows you to get things done! 

So since school ended in June we have traveled and enjoyed every minute of our break, no schedules and they are a wild bunch! For me trying to get a workout in is hard when “nap time” doesn’t exist or waking up early isn’t an option because they are already sleeping in our bed makes it hard too! 

But as moms we do what we have to do! My double stroller allows me to get my runs in and my yoga time looks like this, surrounded by toys and little arms and feet…

As the summer comes to and end I will let my littles enjoy every minute! Soon school will start and I’m sure they will fall right back in their routine. So until then I will remember…”The days are long, but the years are short!” And I will enjoy every moment with the trio! 


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