Back 2 School

So today officially marks the end of the summer! It is the 1st day of school, which means a very early wake up call to get myself and the littles ready for the day.I am actually excited about being back on a regular schedule because things can get hectic during the summer months. I definitely have a routine for the morning which goes a little something like this…
4:45am Wake Up & drink a cup of water

5-5:30am Workout (it may be a run or a yoga sequence or a HIIT workout)

5:30-6am Get dressed grab something to eat and my cup of coffee

6-6:15am Put all my things and the littles in the car.

6:15-7 Dress the littles (this takes longer as we are potty training? 

7:00am Leave for work! 

I will admit and full workout doesn’t happen every morning, but I do at least try to get in a stretching sequence to get the blood flow going and that extra boost for the day! 

We have the Hottest Half 10k on Sunday and the forecast is calling for rain! Which is great because that’s when Rachelle and I run best! 

What is your morning routine?

2 thoughts on “Back 2 School

  1. Great idea to get stretching in, at a minimum. I do believe small steps can make all the difference!! for a little bit of comedy, here’s my morning workout. I try to get 2000+ steps and burn at least 120 calories. Here’s how it happens 🙂

    5:30am – first alarm in a chorus of alarms goes off. These alarms are called “early bird gets the worm” and “you’ll never lose weight laying in the bed.” While I run around trying to silence them over the next 3 minutes, my 110lb Doberman (who actually wakes up with the alarm) starts jumping around and running back and forth to the door. I open the door and tell him “please don’t bark and wake everyone else up.”

    5:35am – usually the security alarm is going off, because I opened the door to let the dog out, and in my sleepy stupor, forgot to disarm the door. This sends me running back to the door to disarm, and often is Exactly when my “snoozing” alarms start sounding (seriously, am I the only person who has a hard time snoozing vs. turning off?).

    5:37am – everyone is awake and in hysteria. The sound of alarms everywhere justifies the charge “inciting panic in a public place.” I’m running to put the 3-year-old on the pot, because he just wakes up and starts peeing…hardly tries to make it to the pot (no chill whatsoever on this one). The 7 year is eerily similar to an animal who hears the frightening sound of thunder and takes any number of irrational steps to calm herself.

    5:38am – the 3-year-old is screaming “I’m done!” I’m holding the 7-year-old and telling her “C’mon its just the alarm again. Honey, calm down…”

    5:39am – the dog is howling and barking (I’m certain I told him NOT to do this). I go running down the stairs to whistle him back in the house before all the neighbors can start flicking lights and shooting flares towards my house.

    5:42am – the 3-year-old is crying. I left him in the dark bathroom on the pot, and he said he was done (so he’s declared). I run back to him to reassure him that he can reach the light…and he can pull up his own pants

    ** If you just heard the music from the movie CLUE, then you’re totally getting what these last 10+minutes are like.

    5:45-6am: When both kids crawl back in MY bed. And over the course of 15min, drift peacefully back to sleep.

    6am: I’m walking the dog…In my dreams. No, the dream is more like I’m running the dog, perfectly dressed in Lulu lemon and immaculately clean running shoes. But, instead, I start the dreadful torture of asking myself “Can I just get 5 more minutes of sleep?”

    6:30-6:37am: next series of alarms starts joyously chorusing. These alarms are titled “this is all your fault” and ” you’ll only make it IF they cooperate.” Yup, you guessed it. I did NOT walk the dog and I laid back in bed to snuggle with my kids for 5min….but you read it right… it lasted at least 30min.

    6:40am: Frantically wake up. Pure panic ensues. How to get dressed, take a shower, walk the dog, get the kids dressed, brush their teeth, feed them breakfast, comb my daughter’s hair (I’m Black and my daughter’s hair is unapologetically Black, this is no 5min task), get coffee (arguably the most important step in all of this), and brush MY teeth, comb MY hair, put on deodorant (an important step, and often missed until a whiffing moment too late)???. And this all has to be done in about 30min (but I know it will take me more like 57min).

    6:41-7:27: A drill sergeant takes hold of my spirit. Yelling, chasing, slapping, is all a part of getting the above step(s) completed. And then there’s the dog. He relishes in making this the MOST miserable 50ishmin. of my day. He steals a sock, washcloth, pair of underwear and bra. I take off chasing him to get them back 1 after another.

    7:27: T=zero, -1, -2, -5….and every 10seconds after means we will be late for school. Somehow we get MOST of our routine completed. In a disheveled blur, I’m in the car. I’m in the car!!! Check: kid 1 is in the car- with bookbag-with lunch Check 2: Kid 2 is in the car…strapped in? yes. it looks like it at least. I feel like I’ve narrowly escaped the stampede that killed Mustafa. I’ve completed my morning workout…and I’m almost dressed (minus hair, make-up and sometimes shoes).

    ……All I have to do is decide if coffee justifies tardiness (this is a Soulsearching question that Oprah should host a masterclass on).

    Can’t wait to get even more the next day!
    Oh, and the dog didn’t get walked…but that’s my “wind down” workout before bed at 11:17p.


    1. We love your morning routine/workout breakdown! The hectic life of a working mom is REAL and getting out of the door is no easy task! It’s safe to say you get your 2,000 with a morning like that 😜! Thanks for sharing!


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