Olympic life lessons

I love the Olympics! There is something about all these countries coming together with their best of the best to compete against each other.

While I love watching and cheering I’m amazed at the little life lessons that can be taken away from the Olympics.

Last night Simone Biles performed her individual beam routine. She almost fell of the 4″ beam but caught herself. While she did not take home another gold she still took home the bronze medal.

While life can be tough we must still celebrate the small victories. Many other gymnast would have fallen off the beam but she was able to catch herself.

What may have taken out others in this life  you have been through something and were able to “cath” yourself!!!!

History is being made throughout  these Olympics.

Simone Manuel made history becoming the first  African American female to win.  

What blows my mind is 63 years ago a vegas hotel drained an antire pool because Dorothy Dandridge an African American actress  put he toe in it. 

While, I am no way near being an Olympic caliber athlete I am inspired by so many of these athletes competing.

The refugee  team, the USA 800m runner who was flipping burgers at Mcdonalds and just ran in the Olympic finals. Just amazing!

What I do know is that you must keep going! Give your all and finish this “race” of life. Who knows who you might be inspiring!


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