Soccer season…

So this post is late but I just finished playing soccer 2 hours ago and cant sleep.

I’m  super excited for outdoor season I have been playing indoor on 3 different teams. 

First game of the season and we won 4-0!!

I kind of like running and i really like it for t-shirts  and medals but I truly enjoy playing team sports.
Basketball  and soccer have always been two of my favorite sports I’ve played.

Working together as a team to win games is fun for me. A bunch of people of all age groups ( last season I questioned if I needed to start playing over 30) comming togethr to accomplish one goal. Get that W!!

Playing socver helps me stay active. I’m  commited to the team so I will make aure to show up to the games and play. I can talk myself out of an early morning run or going to the gym after work. 

Yay to outdoor soccer season!!

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