Lazy girl…

I have those days when I do not feel like doing anything. But feel like if I could get a workout in I could get out of my funk.

Its funny that people say you want what you don’t  have and I’m realizing that more in more.

Yes I’m  single with no kids so I “should” have all this freedom to do what I want and a crazy amount of energy. However, I don’t  find that to be the case. 

Coming home from a hard day at work sometimes all I want to do is curl up in the bed. While, not having children does give me the luxury to do this  I do know I need to get a workout in.

My favorite lazy girl workout requires a jump rope,  me, and a stop watch.

The first time I did this workout I thought it would be a breeze but it was tough for me!

Sometimes I need a quick and tough sweat session to get me out of my funk!

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