Time to Get Out of the Rut!

So I will be the first to admit my fitness has gone out of the window since the school year has begun. Not making any excuses I need to put my goals right up there with making sure everyone in my family is taken care of!

Monday-Friday work week; up at 5am home around 6pm, homework, cook/feed the family, help with homework, get my work done, prepare for the next day, get the twins bathed in bed, late Friday night football games and early Saturday morning volleyball games! That schedule makes it hard to squeeze in time for myself, but excuses have to go out the window NOW! The Disney Princess Half Marathon is 5 months away and this mama needs to get ready!

So sorry family it’s MOMMY TIME! Time to make sure I take better care of myself. I am so disappointed in myself for falling off the fitness train, but as I stated before NO MORE EXCUSES. I START TODAY! Lifestyle change! 


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