Feeling Good

So almost a week ago I claimed back my fitness lifestyle after falling off the fit wagon when school began! It has been difficult because my schedule can be busy but getting in 20-30 min each day has been just what I needed!

One thing I enjoy and the kids do also is yoga! They have been learning yoga at their preschool so they totally enjoy when I get my mat out in the playroom and start! While it’s not quite as mediative as I would like I still am getting in an awesome workout. 

This week I’m incorporating more running into my routine, my Disney Princess 13.1 training starts in November and I don’t want to shock my body with a crazy routine, that’s how you get injured. 

I have been doing well with my water intake and making healthier food choices (although the state fair just began so that means a SERIOUS cheat day). Meal prepping for lunch will be my next step and trying to find a good multivitamin! 

So I wrote down some of my goals for the next 3 months…

  • Lose 5-7lbs
  • Tone
  • Healthy eating 
  • Water water water (but I can’t cut out my morning cup of coffee)
  • Consistent workouts (putting them on my calendar as a must do) 
  • Organizing my time in order to accomplish the above! 

It’s Sunday fun day so our the will be tuned to football all day! Well that’s my 3 month plan! What’s yours? 

Go COLTS & Cowboys 


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