In Time On Time Every Time

“In time on time every time, expect when a little bit ahead of time, that’s better time!” When I was in high school I attended a program known as CLD, Center for Leadership Development. This is an awesome program that teachers leadership skills and allowed me to interact with students from all over Indianapolis! I wish there was one here for my children in Dallas! If you were late you had to stand in front of the entire group and recite that above phrase. So clearly NO ONE wanted to be late! This phrase has stuck with me for more than 17 years (OMG that’s crazy)!

I used to be someone who was always on time. As I got older and added people (aka KIDS) to my everyday routine I have not been the most punctual person. Not making excuses just stating the sad facts LOL.

Adding to my goal list I want to create a better routine. I will admit when the twins were younger I was the Queen of Routine and life was great. Now not so much so clearly I need to bring back the Queen! Several things I need to make consistent in my daily routine are…

  • Prep the Day Before: Making sure lunches are packed, clothes are ironed and car is packed will make getting out the house easier.
  • Do not push the snooze button: I will push this button 3-4 times a bad habit I must break!
  • Say NO: Too many times I over book myself and say yes when I should be selfish and say no.

Those three things if done on a consistent basis will definitely help my dilemma! I am also a person that is big on writing things down in a planner! All events go in my planner first and then in my iPhone calendar with an alert! This I am consistent with so I know where I have to be and won’t miss an event or plan too many events on one day.

How do you stay organized and on time? Any advice on what I can add to my routine?


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