Relaxing Weekend

This weekend was a mini mommy getaway to Chicago and time to spend with my mom, dad and little sister! We all met up in Chicago for a great weekend of shopping, food and to see the Musical Hamilton! I got on a early flight Saturday morning and arrived in the Chi at 8:30am! My family picked me up at the airport and we headed to brunch at The Grande Luxe. 

From there we went shopping and I got some great makeup and perfume! We are staying at the Intercontinental Hotel and it’s right in the heart of Michigan Ave so shopping is unlimited! Dinner was at Bandera’s, and OMG it was so yummy I had the prime rib sandwich with spicy horseradish sauce. Since this is trip is about relaxing after dinner it was back to the hotel to sleep! But first I’m going to do a little reading. 

I wear my Fitbit to sleep to track my sleep patterns and they are terrible!!!!! Last night was not like that at all! Eight hours and fifty one minutes of sleep with 1 minute of restlessness is unheard of! Clearly I needed this vacation! 

Today is a little rainy, but that’s ok, perfect relaxation weather! I’m heading Yolk for breakfast then back to my room to chill until we go see Hamilton the Musical afternoon!

Happy Sunday Go COLTS 🏈

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