I Tri’ d… 

Whelp that was interesting… 

Good news is I finished!!

I have the most amazing friend to wake up early and come support me! Ashley thank you oh so much!!! Please do not let that smile fool you.

Now about this Tri..

Whoa.. There were tears and times I wanted to quit but I didn’t . 

As I imagined the whole time the swim was the worst part for me.

I was already worries when I got to the pool. It was about a 50 minute wait once the race started before I got in the pool.

I got kicked and hit.. I drank some water. All things to make me question why I signed up. This also did not give me confidence of, “ya I got this”.

Bike was rough because of hills. Took me forever to get in the right gear to climb. Started out way to high.

Run… Let me be honest it was a lot of walking. I was pretty discouraged at this point.

I am happy it is over!!

Highlights of the race:

1) The man on the bike encouraging me to just keep pedaling up the hill! Thank you sir

2) The amazing woman with a pink sure on it that said Maddie. Who just lives in the area and told me she would run with me if I could start running because she believed in me. Thanks “Maddie”

This was crazy rough. I  didn’t imagine  it being this bad for me. As of now I do not plan to do another.

But I finished!!

Picture at the top right was how I really felt when I was done.

~ R

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