What’s  next?

I have had some time to reflect on the whole experience now.

Would I do it again? This is tough for me. I say no because I hated every bit of it this past weekend. I’ve realized I’m not  built for endurance. Obviously this is why I was  a sprinter in college. Fast twitch muscles…

On the other hand I’m so disappointed in myself that I would do it again because I’m  better then how I competed over the weekend.

There are a few things I would change  with my training.

1) Swimming:  I knew it would be hard. Instead of getting frustrated in swimming during training and leaving the pool I would stick to it. 

Yes I would just leave after 2- 4 laps and say “for get it”.

2) Biking: I would do more rides outside and not on my indoor trainer.

3) Running: I  need to do more than just soccer for running. haha 

So, I have realized  I didn’t train as hard as I thought I was.Maybe this is why I’m so disappointed in how I did.

Next up is starting to train for the Disney Princess Half Marathon!

Oh and a turkey trot!!

~ R

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