October is Over?!

Omg I cannot believe that October is almost over! Seriously that month flew by and I’m not sure how I missed it! 

This has been a busy weekend for my house from practices to birthday parties we have been busy! Getting in a workout of any quality was hard! This morning I woke up before everyone, let’s be real that happens EVERYDAY…today I needed a good pick me up and as I watched the news I went through a nice 30 minute yoga routine. It was a great start to my busy day and second workout…Boo at the Zoo! 

I took the trio to Trick or Treat with the animals, knowing it was going to be crowded but, that wasn’t the bad part! BEES were everywhere! I literally felt like we were in a beehive. Didn’t bother the kids one bit! They had a blast and ate more candy I will ever admit to letting them eat. My second workout was pushing the stroller up and down hills and maneuvering around crowds. Anything for the kids! 

Happy 🎃 Halloween 


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