30 days of Thanks and Planks

I heard a stat the other day that by late October you will weigh the least all year, and reach peak weight by Jan 1st. 

October is over and the holiday season is upon us. The plan is to not become that statistic!!

I know.. I know it is hard with all the yummy food that will be offered over the next few months.

For the month of November we have decided to do a 30 Days of Thanks and Planks!!

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Today is day 1! Family and a 20 second plank

I’m so grateful for family and friends who are close enough to be family. They lift you up when you’re down and keep you ground when you need that too.

Family is such a blessing. Hug the ones you love.

Living away from home is tough on both of us because we miss our families.  I definitely  have my days where I shed some tears because I feel alone with no family down here.

While, I  talk or text my family daily or at least one family  member it is not the same as the actual presence of that person. Having someone to come home to and talk about your day,  or someone to sit next to and watch tv with, or someone you love to eat dinner with. These are the daily things I miss.

I’m  not going to lie I truly struggle with it at times.  This makes me appreciate the visits I get from family and time spent with friends. Such a blessing and truly grateful for the time I do have with them.

The plank challenge of the day is a 20 second plank!

Give Thanks and do planks!!!


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