Day 10 of Thanks and Planks

Day 10 is a big ol thank you to the fitness community.

We appreciate the love and motivation we have recieved from all of you. 

We hope we have also encouraged you as well!

We recommend  plugging intona fitness community where you live. There are many freee class offered where you can try new things along with getting out to meet others in your community.

We are so excited for an event the Dallas fitness community is putting on this weekend.

I have been to a Tread fitness class once about 5 years ago and loved it. The gym is just far from where I live so I did not return.

Erica is a teacher so the cause is near and dear to her heart! 

We are excited!!! Look for a blog this weekend about how it went!

 If you are in the area come out and support!!!

Plank challenge for today is a 45 second hold!! You got this!!!

Thanks and planks!!!

~ R

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