TreadFitness (CrossTread for a Cause)

Saturday we signed up for a  TreadFitness class where the donations went toward an awesome cause to stop bullying in schools! We must admit we were nervous Rachelle took this class years ago so she knew what to expect, but for me this was the first time. 

We were greeted with a smile by Brittany at the reception desk. She had us complete our paper work and make our donation, she then showed us around the gym and the equipment we would use, and introduced us to our instructor Dre. 

It was now go time! We had a small class so Dre was able to give us awesome feedback, corrections and motivation during the workout. You begin the workout on the treadmill with various intervals of jogging and sprinting and inclines. I’m not going to lie it was tough, but the great thing is you are able to set your own pace and still get the most out of the workout. We then hit the floor for weights, and arm, back and ab work.  We got back on the treadmills for more intervals and then back to work out legs.  I have been having issues with my knee and Dre was great at giving me modifications and still allowing me to have the TreadFitness experience! The music kept us motivated and the class upbeat! 

We will return and really wish there was a TreadFitness closer to where we live. If you want a workout that challenges you, is not just another gym workout and is fun please try TreadFitness! 

My half marathon training starts on Tuesday, hopefully I can add TreadFitness to my training! Now to football, laundry, lesson plans and my kiddos! 

Happy Sunday! Go Cowboys (Our COLTS have a bye this week)! 


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