Favorite Things Holiday Party

For the past 4 years I have thrown a Favorite Things Party with my friends! The idea is to have a gift exchange and time with my girls! Everyone is supposed to bring 5 (all the same) of what you consider your Favorite Thing, the price per gift cannot exceed $10. 

Once the ladies arrive at the party, everyone puts their name in a bowl on 5 separate slips of paper. I always start and tell what my favorite thing is and where it can be found, I then pull 5 names out of the bowl to receive my Favorite Thing. This year I my Favorite Thing was a portable power-bank charger for your smartphone. Perfect for the girl on the go, from my favorite store Target! (It’s in the section by checkout so you can only get it in the store)

We had some many awesome gifts this year, some of which included a wine bottle cooler from Home Goods, awesome lipstick shades from various places, on the go drink tumblers and much more! I love getting together with my friends and it’s even better when gifts are involved! 

Can’t wait until next year! 


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