In Time On Time Every Time

“In time on time every time, expect when a little bit ahead of time, that’s better time!” When I was in high school I attended a program known as CLD, Center for Leadership Development. This is an awesome program that teachers leadership skills and allowed me to interact with students from all over Indianapolis! I wish there was one here for my children in Dallas! If you were late you had to stand in front of the entire group and recite that above phrase. So clearly NO ONE wanted to be late! This phrase has stuck with me for more than 17 years (OMG that’s crazy)!

I used to be someone who was always on time. As I got older and added people (aka KIDS) to my everyday routine I have not been the most punctual person. Not making excuses just stating the sad facts LOL.

Adding to my goal list I want to create a better routine. I will admit when the twins were younger I was the Queen of Routine and life was great. Now not so much so clearly I need to bring back the Queen! Several things I need to make consistent in my daily routine are…

  • Prep the Day Before: Making sure lunches are packed, clothes are ironed and car is packed will make getting out the house easier.
  • Do not push the snooze button: I will push this button 3-4 times a bad habit I must break!
  • Say NO: Too many times I over book myself and say yes when I should be selfish and say no.

Those three things if done on a consistent basis will definitely help my dilemma! I am also a person that is big on writing things down in a planner! All events go in my planner first and then in my iPhone calendar with an alert! This I am consistent with so I know where I have to be and won’t miss an event or plan too many events on one day.

How do you stay organized and on time? Any advice on what I can add to my routine?


Feeling Good

So almost a week ago I claimed back my fitness lifestyle after falling off the fit wagon when school began! It has been difficult because my schedule can be busy but getting in 20-30 min each day has been just what I needed!

One thing I enjoy and the kids do also is yoga! They have been learning yoga at their preschool so they totally enjoy when I get my mat out in the playroom and start! While it’s not quite as mediative as I would like I still am getting in an awesome workout. 

This week I’m incorporating more running into my routine, my Disney Princess 13.1 training starts in November and I don’t want to shock my body with a crazy routine, that’s how you get injured. 

I have been doing well with my water intake and making healthier food choices (although the state fair just began so that means a SERIOUS cheat day). Meal prepping for lunch will be my next step and trying to find a good multivitamin! 

So I wrote down some of my goals for the next 3 months…

  • Lose 5-7lbs
  • Tone
  • Healthy eating 
  • Water water water (but I can’t cut out my morning cup of coffee)
  • Consistent workouts (putting them on my calendar as a must do) 
  • Organizing my time in order to accomplish the above! 

It’s Sunday fun day so our the will be tuned to football all day! Well that’s my 3 month plan! What’s yours? 

Go COLTS & Cowboys 


Time to Get Out of the Rut!

So I will be the first to admit my fitness has gone out of the window since the school year has begun. Not making any excuses I need to put my goals right up there with making sure everyone in my family is taken care of!

Monday-Friday work week; up at 5am home around 6pm, homework, cook/feed the family, help with homework, get my work done, prepare for the next day, get the twins bathed in bed, late Friday night football games and early Saturday morning volleyball games! That schedule makes it hard to squeeze in time for myself, but excuses have to go out the window NOW! The Disney Princess Half Marathon is 5 months away and this mama needs to get ready!

So sorry family it’s MOMMY TIME! Time to make sure I take better care of myself. I am so disappointed in myself for falling off the fitness train, but as I stated before NO MORE EXCUSES. I START TODAY! Lifestyle change! 


Lazy girl…

I have those days when I do not feel like doing anything. But feel like if I could get a workout in I could get out of my funk.

Its funny that people say you want what you don’t  have and I’m realizing that more in more.

Yes I’m  single with no kids so I “should” have all this freedom to do what I want and a crazy amount of energy. However, I don’t  find that to be the case. 

Coming home from a hard day at work sometimes all I want to do is curl up in the bed. While, not having children does give me the luxury to do this  I do know I need to get a workout in.

My favorite lazy girl workout requires a jump rope,  me, and a stop watch.

The first time I did this workout I thought it would be a breeze but it was tough for me!

Sometimes I need a quick and tough sweat session to get me out of my funk!

She’s bringing sexy back…

No, No, No I am not!!!  However, an area I’ve really wanted to focus on in the gym has been my back.

My new favorite exercise is single arm assisted pull ups!

Pull ups in general work many different muscle groups in the back, shoulders and arms. But why not kick it up a notch and target these muscles unilaterally for a little more burn!

Sometimes you have to switch up your routine at the gym!

I still have work to do and I will try to work on using less assistance from the machine as I continue to get stronger!

~ R

Workout Chaos

So my little ones are on summer break (which is coming to an end in 6 days), and they are no where near on a schedule! Everyone that knows me knows I like to keep the twins on a strict schedule. Sounds crazy, but when you have twins a schedule is what keeps you sane and allows you to get things done! 

So since school ended in June we have traveled and enjoyed every minute of our break, no schedules and they are a wild bunch! For me trying to get a workout in is hard when “nap time” doesn’t exist or waking up early isn’t an option because they are already sleeping in our bed makes it hard too! 

But as moms we do what we have to do! My double stroller allows me to get my runs in and my yoga time looks like this, surrounded by toys and little arms and feet…

As the summer comes to and end I will let my littles enjoy every minute! Soon school will start and I’m sure they will fall right back in their routine. So until then I will remember…”The days are long, but the years are short!” And I will enjoy every moment with the trio! 


Half Prep

So we officially signed up for the Disney Princess Half Marathon last week and granted the race is not until February, but a girl must prep!

So trying to figure out a running/training program is a big thing! At the Rock n Roll Half in San Antonio I bought a book called Train Like a Mother. It’s such a great book to read as a working mom who also wants to get in some “me” time! 

The book has all sorts of quirky quotes and advice on how to keep sane and enjoy yourself at the same time! They have 5k, 10k & Half Marathon running plans that mix it up on you!!!


3 Down, 5 to Go! 

So it’s been three weeks since we started this whole 10k training! Not gonna lie it’s been hard to stay on track with the workouts, but we committed to this so I’m going to stick it out! 
Coming back from visiting my parents in Indiana, and entering this Texas heat has been really hard because of the humidity! Thank goodness for a YMCA membership (that also has babysitting services). 

Three weeks down, 5 weeks to go! Monday’s workout looks a little like this… Jog 5 minutes to warm up. Do drills from Week 3 for 30 seconds each. Run 3 miles at a conversational pace. 

Ok, let’s do this! 


Core Work

My biggest struggle the past week with the 10k training was core.

20 minutes of core after I’ve already worked out?  I can only plank for so long and crunches get old.

We have a lot of core workouts on our Back on track Pinterest board.  Some of my favorite recent additions have been flutter kicks, spiderman plank, and Russian twist.

Add some of these into your workouts!!
Be sure to keep abs engaged throughout all the exercises to take pressure off your back.

Week One Down! 

So we are a week into our 10k training and I must say its been tough, but fun! I have enjoyed the mixed workouts and the different levels of intensity keep it interesting ! Today’s workout is a rest day or 40 min walk, I’m definitely going to do the 40 min walk keep my body busy!

While doing this program my goal is to eat better too! Im honestly not someone who can cut all the “bad” stuff out of my diet. I know that sounds bad, but I have to be real. There are a few things that are a must in the “bad” department for me. Now let’s be clear I don’t eat them all the time, but I do eat them, one of those is lemon Oreos! Thanks goodness they made the Thin Oreos, it honestly makes me feel better about my “bad” decision. My goal for healthy eating is looking on for health alternates to some recipes I enjoy, and definitely portion control. Not eating until I’m full, but eating to get the right nutrients I need to sustain a health weight and to give me energy I need through my workouts! 

I’m am so proud of myself for sticking to a running schedule. Running to some can be seen as torture, but it is definitely a stress relief and something to I for me! Rachelle and I consider each race mini girl trip getaways, that we are slowly convincing our other friends to join! 

Next week workouts turn up the intensity just a bit! I need to get my 20 min ab routine ready, that was one workout Rachelle and I both said OMG to last week, but we are ready now! 

Well time to put the littles in their wagon and get my 40 min walk on!