New Shoes

I love coming home to packages on the porch! 

I love coming home more to packages with new running shoes!!!

I went on a hunt looking for new shoes for the 1/2 marathon. I’ve ran in Nike Pegasus since college so those are my usual go to.

Our plan for the Princess Half Marathon is a Princess Tiana costume. That being said I was looking for green shoes also!!

Best Day ever..

It is 39 degrees outside in Texas but I want to go outside and run! (I struggle on the treadmill).

~ R


I have an addiction.  I LOVE workout clothes.  I was sitting here trying to figure out what today’s blog was going to be and I get a text message.  A friend texted me a website and told me to check it out…

I responded with.. AHHHH I HATE YOU!!!!

It was a website for workout tanks!

 I feel like you can never have too many and I love ones with sayings on them.  I love to look in the mirror at the gym and see  a positive thought or inspiration.  It helps me push through workouts.

So let me share…

Yes this blog is short and sweet I have some shopping to do!

~ R



Is the Price Right? 

So running is supposed to be the most inexpensive sport out there, you get shoes and hit the open road! No gym  memberships, no trainer fees and etc. But yet sometimes we can spend a small fortune on running gear/attire!

Knowing what you need and what just looks good is important or you can get caught in the hype of buying too much unnecessary gear! Not saying that sometimes I don’t splurge on some workout gear, I just make sure that I am smart with my purchases.

Rachelle and I love the Nike Outlet especially when it comes to getting shoes. Training and running half marathons put a nice amount on wear and tear on your shoes and depending upon the number of miles you put on them they need to be replaced!

Truly for me the only running gear I need are… 

  • Running shoes: Currently I’m loving my Nike Pegasus 
  • Fitness tracker: Fitbit and Apple Watch are my favorites with Fitbit at the top because of the challenges with my friends. The Apple Watch is a must for the music to keep me pumped! 
  • Running belt (to keep my ID & etc in) Etsy has lots of cute options! 
  • Kinesiotape: Helps keep my old college injury prone knee able to complete the workouts.
  • Workout Top & Bottoms: If you are trying to be cost efficient then Target is the way to go! Not just because I love the place, but because their workout gear quality has truly stepped up in the last couple years! The C9 by Champion offers so many great fits, colors and designs that you cannot go wrong! Especially if you have the Cartwheel app and catch them from anywhere to 5%-30% off!

When it comes to workout gear less is more! All the stuff on the market looks cute but truly it’s just for looks! 

Favorite Brands

As ladies we always like to look nice! Whether it is going to work, church, date night, happy hour, or even to workout! I’m the girl that will NOT leave the house without mascara so you know I love a nice workout outfit!Shopping for workout clothes can be overwhelming there are sooooo many different brands/options out there! Target is a great place to start to find reasonably priced workout clothes with their C9 Champion brand. Best part is if you have the Cartwheel Target App sometimes they have a deal for 10-25% off!!

Lululemon is my favorite workout clothing brand I am in LOVE with the wunder under tights! Their sports bras have great coverage and support and the workout bags also make great purses and baby bags moms!
Under Armor is a brand that I am starting to enjoy also! Hubby bought me an awesome pullover that will be great for 1/2 marathon training in the fall complete with back and arm pockets 😍.
Last brand I enjoy to shop is Splits FiftyNine, mainly for their tops. The colors and the criss cross back patterns make them comfy and cute!

There are so many brands out there I want to try it’s summer break for me and I’m ready to shop! Happy shopping!

What are your favorite brands of workout gear?


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